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How to Make Your Website - Easy Start Guide

With CoolBuild website maker it is so easy to start creating your own website. All it takes is JUST 5 minutes of your time. In 3 easy and simple steps you are on your way to a successful site!

Getting started is as easy as 123

Yes, in 3 simple steps you can create your own site! Here’s how:

Step 1: Select a Design

With over 1500 templates to select from, you can add panache and style to your site! Just select a design by clicking on ‘select this design’ option.

Step 2: Select Page Names

Put in the titles of the various pages you want on your site. Example – home page, about us etc. You can enter a maximum of 5 pages at this stage. Later you can add more. Even special features like guestbook and shopping cart can be added later.

Step 3: Choose a Domain, Enter Sign Up Info

Enter your website name (which is also your login ID). Then enter all relevant signup information. Enter a password of your choice. With CoolBuild, you can have your own domain name for Free! You can choose your domain name at any later time.

That’s it – you’re website is now live on the internet!

Now that you have a live website, let’s see how easy it is to add a page.

Adding a Page

It’s easy to add future pages as you wish! All it takes is 1 minute!

Step 1: Click on ‘Add Page’

    The Add Page wizard is initialized

Step 2: Select the page design

  1. Select a layout from over 35 designs

(This is inclusive of photo albums, message boards, forms, shopping cart catalogues and more)

Step 3: Type in page name

  1. Enter any name you wish for your web page

Editing an existing page

It’s so easy to edit pages with CoolBuild. It just takes 60 seconds.

click here for the video.

Step 1: Click on ‘Edit Page’

    • This option is present on the top toolbar

Step 2: The edit page

  1. Our editor makes it easy to use, and is very similar to MS Word.
  2. Choose font styles, colors or formats from dropdown menus provided
Our easy editor works a lot like any other word processing editor. No need to install any programs, just use it right in your browser and click save.
After your done you can click the "Save" button. Your content is now viewable on your website.

Step 3: View your changes

You're done!

With CoolBuild website maker, it is extremely easy to add, edit and save changes on a web page.

Have a try for yourself, with our free 10 day trial.



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